How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? Easy steps to solve it !

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PUBG Mobile Lite crashing? Don’t worry! This simple guide will help PUBG Mobile Lite Players fix the problem step-by-step. Many players have been facing issues like the game crashing, not loading properly, or suddenly stopping during a match after the recent 0.26.0 update.

Follow the easy instructions provided here to solve these problems. The majority of users are experiencing these issues due to the recent update. So, let’s work together and easily resolve these problems once and for all.

Here are some easy steps to try and fix the crashing problem in PUBG Mobile lite.

1. Clear cache and data

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? Easy steps to solve it !
  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. find the “Apps” or “Applications” section, locate PUBG Mobile Lite, and choose to clear the cache.
  3. You can also clear the data if needed, but remember that the game’s resources will need to be downloaded again.

2. Force Stop PUBG Mobile Lite App

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? Easy steps to solve it !
  1. Press and hold the PUBG Mobile Lite icon on your mobile home screen until it wiggles.
  2. After, tap on the “Force Stop” button to completely stop the PUBG Mobile Lite.

3. Restart your Mobile Phone

Try restarting your mobile, as this can often solve PUBG Mobile Lite crash problem.

4. Reinstall PUBG Mobile lite APK

If the last methods didn’t work so you can uninstall PUBG Mobile Lite and then reinstall it from Google play store, Tap Tap and official website. This may fix any corrupted files causing the PUBG Mobile Lite crashes.

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Here are some additional tips that may solve PUBG Mobile Lite crash problem:

  • Make sure your device has enough storage space.
  • Close unused apps.
  • If your device gets too hot, it can contribute to PUBG Mobile Lite crashes.
  • Keep PUBG Mobile Lite updated (Current Version 0.26.0)

We have told here with the existing step methods, which will solve the problem of your PUBG Mobile Lite crashing.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem without Config File

Launch PUBG Mobile Lite Game After Log out of the PUBG lite and Click on “Repair” button, and Restart Your Game.

How to fix Crash problem by Config File

It is possible, but we do not violate the game, for this you can repair the game file and run it without crash.

Why does Pubg Lite crash?

Many players use config to increase the performance of the game, which is wrong as you create load on the game.

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