PUBG Mobile Lite Free Golden Fragments: Redeem Code, Generator Methods are Good !

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How to get free golden fragments in PUBG Mobile Lite You can claim PUBG Mobile Lite and mythic outfits, vehicle skins, gun skins, and other cosmetic items, etc by redeeming golden fragments in the current shop option for better items.

The most exclusive in the shop is the UMP45 Famous skin, which is the first full Level max out, so once you get it, you don’t need to upgrade with materials or paints.

First of all you must have a golden coin and spin voucher you get this coin sometimes on events and daily login. With their help, you can spin and get golden fragments.

  • For this login (Facebook, Guest, Google Account, VK) to PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Come to the lobby options.
  • Click on the spin option appearing in the lobby
  • Before that, make sure that the spin contains Golden Fragments or not.
  • After that spin with gold coins and you will be able to claim golden fragments from the coin received in spin.

PUBG Mobile Lite Players want to get free gold fragments but you don’t have BC coins, player’s can find out how to do it by reading here.

How to get Free Golden Fragments through Genretor

There are many types of currency in PUBG Mobile Lite, which are used while getting items, in which Bc, golden fragments are the appropriate currency, There is often a doubt in the mind of the player whether they can be found for free Golden fragments with the help of generator, This thought will be in your mind too, but the fact is that it is not yet possible to get fragments and Bc coin from this type of generator.

Redeem Code to get Free Golden fragments in PUBG Mobile Lite

It is possible to get items with redeem codes, which include headgear, guns, outfits, etc., but many websites claim that But it is mentioned on many websites that Golden Fragments can be taken from this redeem, Rather it is not possible at all it is a high currency it cannot be obtained through redeem code.

List of Rewards options available in PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Daily bundle Crate
  • Winner pass (WP)
  • Lucky Spin
  • Premier crate
  • Rare items Crete
  • Limited Spin (Rewards can be claimed only one time)

Best way to Get Daily Golden Fragments
in PUBG Mobile Lite

Luck spin PUBG Mobile Lite,

  • Go to PUBG Mobile Lite Lucky Spin first time you need 10 BC Coin to spin.

Note: The second time, you require 30 BC Coin, and first time You can easily get 2 – 4 fragments.

  • every player can get two gold coins per day and Convert two gold coins into one golden fragment through lucky spin.
  • Player Follow this trick every day so you can get lots of golden fragments.

Another way you can also get fragments from Premier Outfits Create Opening Lucky Spin but it costs more bc But if you want to get it for free then choose Method 1.

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