PUBG Mobile Lite Season 44 Winner Pass With Awesome Rewards [Release date]

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A Winner Pass is a premium membership option in PUBG Mobile Lite that provides players with exclusive in-game items, rewards, and bc coins. It is generally offered in two WP: the Elite Pass and the Elite Plus Pass.

Happy New Year Guys, Players can purchase these Winner Pass with real money. The Winner Pass Pass allows players to access additional missions, unique items, and bonus rewards, such as exclusive skins, emotes, and weapon finishes.

PUBG Mobile Lite WInner Pass

In PUBG Mobile Lite, a Winner Pass is an in-game reward Pack that allows players to achieve different rewards by finishing challenges and missions or purchasing the Winner Pass with Bc.

Game NamePUBG Mobile lite
Winner PassSeason 44
Release date1 January 2023
Elite Pass280 BC
Elite Pass Plus800 BC

To get a Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite, you can follow these steps:

  • Launch PUBG Mobile Lite on your device
  • Tap on the “Winner Pass” icon on the main (Lobby) menu screen.
  • On the Winner Pass screen, you will see the 44 season’s Winner Pass and its details. You can tap the “Purchase” button to purchase the Winner Pass with Bc Coin.
  • If you want to avoid purchasing the Winner Pass, you can also gain rewards by completing missions and challenges in the game. To view your missions, tap the “Missions” tab on the Winner Pass screen.
  • You will unlock additional WP 44 rewards as you progress through the levels.

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Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 44 began on January 1, 2023 (Sunday). It is best to check the official PUBG Mobile Lite website or social media channels for the latest updates on the PUBG Mobile Lite Updates.

How To Get Free Winner Pass In PUBG Mobile Lite

Here I have told all the ways through which you can get wp.

#1: Participate in Earning App

You can recharge in Pubg Mobile Lite by earning real money from other applications. Also, you have to do many tasks or missions to earn, through which you get real money. Different names in Earning App address game tournaments.

#2: Purchase a winner’s pass

Now, whenever you buy the winner pass, you are given many mission levels inside the winner pass, through which you can get busy by doing missions, as much as you have taken the winner pass, i.e., 280 bc of your Received in the account.

#3: Receive a winner pass as a gift

If you have a friend who already has a winner past, they may be able to gift one to you.

#4: Participate in giveaways or contests

Keep an eye out for giveaways or competitions hosted by PUBG Mobile Lite or affiliated websites or social media accounts like Youtubers. These may offer a winner pass as a prize.

Exclusive Rewards

You can now view the rewards via video, although They will upload them in picture format over time.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Price

The price of the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite varies depending on the region and the currency used. Generally, the Winner Pass costs 280 BC Coin and Winner Pass elite costs 800 BC Coin.

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