Twitch streamers call for banning gambling content

The call for the ban follows the revelation that the streamer duped followers and creators to fund gambling addiction.

Why the ban?

Several top streamers on Twitch, including Pokemon, Devin Nash and Hassan Picker, are calling for a ban on gambling content.

Who is calling for a ban on gambling content?

Other high-profile streamers have scammed their followers and other content creators to fund their gambling addiction.

Why is calling for a ban on gambling content?

that he had duped his followers and other streamers out of $200,000 (€199,815) for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling addiction.

On Saturday, Twitch streamer Abraham Jihad "Slicker" Mohamed revealed

In a video posted to his account over the weekend, Slicker admitted that he started out gambling with CS:GO skins, but then switched to real money gambling.

During the video stream, he apologized to those who had given him money and said that he was seeking treatment for his addiction.