BGMI M9 Royal Pass Rewards and date and Leaks revealed

By Rahul Kumar

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In the coming weeks, BGMI will obtain the next royale pass. The M9 Royale pass will presently be available to players. However, there are many other leaks in the section for users. You’ll learn almost all of the upcoming rewards and equipment in-game here for free. So, let’s know also about the impending BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards, Leaks.

Every month, Krafton or PUBG surprises us with some new items with the Royale pass and rewards. BGMI M9 Royal Pass will be rolled out on 18th March 2022 at Indian standard time 5:30 Am. Users will be prepared to experience a variation of prizes as part of the recent Royale pass. The Month 9 Royale pass, according to the leaks, will similarly include new interests is for the players. Headgear would be given for 5RP as normal. There has occurred a lot of discussion about a new plane skin, helmet, outfits set and different more.

Rewards list of BGMI M9 (C2S5 Season) all Leaks are here

  • New Gun skin
  • Backpack
  • Headgear
  • Helmet
  • Outfit Set
  • Vehicle skin
  • Plane skin
  • Gold coin and coupons

Players will be equipped to camp from a tree, according to different announcements and leaks. There’s a nice ratio that this detail will be available in ‘New Mod’ as sufficiently. However, no proper confirmation has yet been collected from the community so be with the site.

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