Free Fire OB26 Advance Server check all New Features

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Free Fire OB26 Advance Server check all New Features – In this article, gamers will discuss that the new features have been released in Free Fire by OB26 Advance Server developers. All of them are going to tell you here and that update has just been released in OB26 as if all its testing completes, then later it will launch Global Free Fire soon.

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Not everyone has the Access of this OB26 Server but a few players or YouTubers are given by the Officially only according to the user application But soon everyone will be able to take advantage of this Server of Free Fire.

In this update, the graphics of the game’s free-fire have been very good, prepared an opportunity. Because bug and glitch have also been fixed after this update.

Free Fire OB26 Advance Server New Features

  • Free Fire New Lobby
  • Free Fire Graphic Additional controls
  • Free Fire New Character “Shirou”
  • Free Fire New pet “Dreki”
  • Free Fire camera “I” button
  • Free Fire New Browser Options

New Lobby

Free Fire New Lobby
Free Fire New Lobby

When we start the Free Fire, for some time the character is sent to a matching lobby which is a new lobby in the matching lobby of “WWE” Lobby. which is a lobby of OB26 which the player is very much like.

Graphic Additional controls

Graphic Additional controls
Graphic Additional controls

If you look at the graphics of Free Fire, it was very good even before and to make it better, the developers have also added a lot of new filters to the graphics in this ob26 server. With the help of which the graphics will be much better and these players are going to like it a lot.

New Pet

Dreki pet

When your global free fire is launched, after that you will get a new look of a pet “Dreki” which is a pink colour named Dreki and its ability is very good.

New Character

sirou character
sirou character

The most liked thing in free fire is the character and you all know that every time the free fire character gives new ones, this time also a new character has come, its name is “sirou character” and this character Ability is also good.

“i” Button

OB26 Server New Feature
OB26 Advance Server New Features

First of all, talk about what the “I” button works, so when you are landing, at the time you come from the button, your right left and the scene behind you. The enemy can easily see, that is, you can see your anime descending, this is the advantage of the eye button.

New Browser Options

You have the browser option features, new additions which are going to be very useful for you, so that if you send an invoice or team invitation, then you can also reject it, you will not receive it, by doing this, very good here -Good feature to see.

New Browser Options of ob26 advance server
New Browser Options of OB26 advance server

In this Post, you have covered most of all the features that are available in OB26 Advanced Server.

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