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Best sensitivity for pubg mobile lite 2023

pubg mobile lite sensitivity settings 2021

Best sensitivity for pubg mobile lite 2023 gyroscope: Playing any PUBG Lite player and showing nice performance in the game like Zero Recoil greatly depends on the sensitivity of pubg mobile lite. You must be sure that your sensitivity is perfect for you to play.

If you follow this Best sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite or you will tell your sensitivity according to this article, then you will set yourself, then we promise that you will play well in the game but also become a pro in PUBG Mobile Lite

Best sensitivity for pubg mobile lite

  • Camera Sensitivity
Best Sensitivity in pubg mobile lite
Camera Sensitivity

How much the camera sensitivity character has to rotate and how much speed is there, so camera sensitivity comes in helpful and when we get down from the pair of sensors with the Sensitivity Eye button, we can see around this speed.


Best sensitivity for pubg mobile lite
Camera Settings
Scope Name How long to Set ( percentage)
No scope105%
Red Dot65%
2× Scope30%
3× Scope22%
4× Scope17%
6× Scope13%
8× Scope9%
Pubg mobile Lite Sensitivity 2021

To control PUBG mobile Lite well, to improve your skills, sensitivity has to be good so that you can improve your PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity skills.

Aim Down Sight ( ADS )

Scope Name How long to Set ( percentage)
No scope115%
Red Dot55%
2× Scope35%
3× Scope22%
4× Scope, VSS16%
6× Scope14%
8× Scope12%
Pubg Mobile Lite (ADS) Sensitivity 2021

AIM DOWN SIGHT (ADS) It is very good and helpful in targeting the sensitivity of PUBG Mobile Light to move the crosshairs and it helps to target your Moment or Running Enemy.

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Sensitivity amounts to something a lot with Pubg Mobile Playing. If your playing skills are not correct, these settings so are applied.

Best sensitivity for Pubg mobile lite Controls, if you do the pubg mobile lite suitably then you will be prepared to play the pubg mobile lite very nicely.


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