How To Get Falcon In PUBG Mobile Lite For Free 2023

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PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon is a special and free food item in the game. It has a beautiful bird on the character’s shoulder. Falcon makes the game more fun by doing different actions when players jump or crouch. These actions are really cool and make the game more interesting. Falcon looks amazing and players really want to have it.

GamePUBG Mobile Lite
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Current Version0.25.1

Falcon has different levels in the game. When you level up Falcon, you unlock more emotes for it. To level up Falcon, you need to buy food items. The article explains how to get Falcon in the game and how it becomes available. You can get Falcon from the Shop Event or the Lucky Spin. To learn all the details, it’s best to read the whole article.

How to buy Falcon In PUBG Mobile Lite by shop option

Falcon was last time added to Lucky Spin in PUBG Mobile Lite, but now you can buy it, earlier there was no way to get it in the game. And falcon is very expensive so now it can be easily bought from bc coin.

How To Get Falcon In PUBG Mobile Lite For Free 2023
  • Open the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite and log in with your account.
  • After entering the lobby, select the existing “shop” option and then go to the “treasures” option.
  • In the first place in Treasures, Falcon has been added as an item at a cost of 1000 bc, you can buy it for 1000 bc and make it a part of your inventory.

How to get Falcon in PUBG Mobile Lite without spending money

Many players wish to acquire Falcon without using BC coins. Is it possible to get Falcon for free? Fortunately, Falcon will also be obtainable through an event. You can easily acquire Falcon by completing missions. However, initially, it will be available for purchase with BC coins, costing around 400 BC. By spending 400 BC, you can easily buy Falcon.

How to get Falcon in PUBG mobile lite with redeem code.

Falcon cannot be obtained for free through redeeming codes in PUBG Mobile Lite. Although the game provides redeem codes regularly, Falcon is a rare item that cannot be obtained through redeem codes. To acquire Falcon, players will either need to spend BC (in-game currency) or wait for an event where it may become available.

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