Jota vs Alvaro: who is the best player in the free fire?


Jota vs Alvaro: who is the best player in the free-fire You’ll probably always be in a dilemma as to who is a good Jota vs. Alvaro, playing fire for free or playing a classic match.

Jota vs Alvaro?

Jota vs Alvaro
Jota vs Alvaro

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Jota (sustained raids)

If you like to play better in the short-range or if you prefer to play camping.  Consequently, Jota (strengthened raids) is a very decent player for you.  Because this Jota recovers HP from its shotgun and SMG guns.

  • HP Recovery with SMG and shotgun
  • Hp recover = 40 Hp
  •  Cool Down = 5sec

 Alvaro (Art of demolition)

If you use items like Explosion further in the game, then this player will help you a lot.  Because if you use Granade, then this player will improve both the area and damage of the grande.

  • Explosion weapon increases damage and area
  •  Damage increase = 16%
  •  Distance improvement explosion weapon= 10%

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