ArduzAi (Muhammad Arif) Net Worth Income, PUBG ID, Price, and More

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ArduzAi is a well-known content creator from Pakistan who specializes in PUBG Mobile. He is highly regarded for his exceptional inventory and gameplay skills, which have earned him a substantial following. With over 555K subscribers on YouTube and 42.9K followers on Instagram, he has an influential online presence.


BGMI player from Pakistan. He is known for his amazing skills and his impressive inventory. ArduzAi has PUBG Mobile ID: 523442956

ArduzAi Game achievements

  • Muhammad Arif holds the world record for the most kills in a single match in PUBG Mobile.
  • He has won many tournaments, including the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2022.
  • Muhammad Arif is part of the famous PUBG Mobile team called TSM FTX.

ArduzAi’s real name is Muhammad Arif, and he began playing PUBG Mobile in 2018. Through his remarkable talent, he swiftly climbed the leaderboard and gained recognition for his aggressive playstyle.

Apart from his YouTube channel, Muhammad Arif also lives streams on Twitch, where he has garnered more than 10K followers. He frequently engages with his audience and organizes giveaways for his viewers.ArduzAi serves as a role model for countless PUBG Mobile players worldwide, proving that hard work and dedication can lead to achieving one’s aspirations.

Arduzai comparison with popular YouTubers of PUBG Mobile and BGMI

DetailsArduzaiDynamo GamingScoutOP
Channel subscribers10.1 million33.8 million14.4 million
Total views2.8 billion9.9 billion4.7 billion
ContentGameplay highlights, montages, challengesGameplay highlights, vlogs, challengesGameplay highlights, tips, tricks, challenges

What is ArduzAi’s net worth by Youtube Channel?

ArduzAi’s net worth from YouTube is estimated to be approximately $70,000. This estimation takes into account their total views, subscribers, and estimated earnings per view. With over 1.2 million subscribers and more than 100 million video views, Muhammad Arif has achieved significant online popularity.

Typically, YouTubers earn around $2 per 1,000 views. Based on this calculation, ArduzAi’s earnings from YouTube would amount to around $200,000. It’s important to note that this is only an estimate, and their actual net worth could be higher or lower than the approximation.

Muhammad Arif Most Highest Records

  • He currently holds the world record for the highest number of kills in a single PUBG Mobile match, with an impressive 103 kills.
  • He has triumphed in various PUBG Mobile tournaments, including the PUBG Mobile Pakistan National Championship and the PUBG Mobile South Asia Championship.
  • ArduzAi is the only PUBG Mobile player to have been featured in Forbes magazine.

ArduzAi PUBG ID Price

ArduzAi’s PUBG ID is not available for sale. He has made it clear that he will never sell his account and has even expressed his willingness to give it away as a prize in a giveaway.

The value of Muhammad Arif’s PUBG ID is estimated to be very high. This is because he possesses a wide array of rare and expensive skins, such as the Glacier set, Mythic Fashion set, and Unique Destiny set. Additionally, his high rank in the game further contributes to the account’s value.

ArduzAi (Muhammad Arif) Net Worth Income, PUBG ID, Price, and More

If Muhammad Arif were to consider selling his account, it would likely attract a six-figure amount. However, it is more likely that he will continue to utilize his account and offer it as a reward to a fortunate fan in the future.

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