Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite players in India (2023)

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite players in India – Dear Gamers, Today we discuss the best players of pubg mobile lite in India. We know pubg mobile lite is also rising a gaming community in India.

A lot of players have now taken to creating PUBG Mobile Lite videos expected to the rising popularity of the game. Today, we take a look at 5 such Best Player Pubg Mobile Lite that will rule the gaming world of India right now.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite players in India

1. GoD Praveen YT

God Praveen Is A Competitive Player & Pubg Mobile Lite Streamer. And The biggest Youtuber of PUBG Mobile Lite He Did a Daily Live Stream of Pubg Mobile Lite it has to be Big Brother Of God Tushar OP. However, Has a Great Fan Following On Youtube. He is the Leader of God eSports. God Praveen YT Is Loved For His GamePlay & Contacting Their Fans On Live Stream which Makes Him More Famous.

2. GoD Tushar OP

GoD Tushar OP is A Competitive Player of Pubg Mobile Lite. He Is Known For His Spray & Assaulting. GoD Tushar OP is Small Brother Of God Praveen. God Tushar OP is A Pubg Mobile Lite streamer & Co-Leader of God eSports Clan of GOD Praveen.

3. Insane Lion

Insane Lion Is A great Assaulter & Pro Player of Pubg mobile lite. Possibly has doesn’t play E-Sport matches but he can Do great In his E-Sport Career. Insane Lion A Pubg mobile lite Youtuber Uploads his Gameplay of Pubg Mobile Lite. Insane Lion’s IN-Game Name is AsurXmahabali & His Clan Name Is Asur.

4. Melody Gamer

Melody Gamer is A Best Pubg mobile lite player & Also A Youtuber He uploads Gameplay and performs a live stream of Pubg mobile lite. He is a famous E-Sport Player in Pubg mobile lite his IN-Game Name is Reo Melody. His clan name is Reo In Pubg Mobile lite.

5. help Trick

help Trick is The Best Player of Pubg Mobile Lite & A Competitive Player. help Trick Is A Famous E-Sport Player & Known For His Cold Mind Clutches In Pubg Mobile Lite, He Started His Journey on Youtube. He Uploads Gameplay Videos.

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Who is No 1 player in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Currently, God Praveen is YT No 1 YouTuber of PUBG Mobile Lite and is also the best player of pubg lite.

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