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The most liked in PUBG Mobile lite is GoD Praveen Yt on youtube, who attract their players during the live stream on their channel, and players like their Livestream and like to observe their PUBG Mobile Lite gameplay. There are, which he also uses to improve his skills.

This is the creator of a PUBG Mobile lite game, and his brother is also streaming. Although it mainly focuses on gameplay, whose name is GOD Tushar YT, you will also know about them in this post, including the channel logo, monthly income, and PUBG Mobile Lite ID.

GOD Praveen YT

Praveen is a PUBG Mobile Lite Youtuber whose channel name is God Praveen YT. His real name is “Praveen Choudhary.” He streams PUBG Mobile Lite’s crate opening, new winner pass, and primarily live streams on his channel.

Why GoD Praveen YT selected the PUBG Mobile Lite Game

God Praveen YT used to stream PUBG Mobile in the early days of his channel, but he had a low-end device, due to which he was facing many problems in the live stream of PUBG Mobile. Because of this, he started PUBG Mobile Lite. Pubg Mobile Lite is optimized very well for low-end devices by the developers.

Praveen Chaudhary and his younger brother Tushar Chaudhary is also excellent player and the king of pubg lite. Praveen is a three-finger player, while Tushar Chaudhary is four finger player, and you know that better than three-finger players four, finger players play well.

God Praveen YT PUBG Lite id

God praveen YT currently carries the first position in popularity ranking in Asia. You can notice their rank in the popularity ranking in PUBG Lite.

  • PUBG Lite Name With Symbols:- GoD 女 PraveenYT
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE ID:- 7259516585
  • GoD Praveen YT BGMI ID :- 570229450

God Praveen YT youtube income

God Praveen YT’s Youtube earnings According to Social Blade, his monthly earnings are between 1.4k and $ to 2k$. It’s almost.

If we convert it into rupees, his monthly income is between Rs. 11,39,97.45 – 21,60,00. If it is seen at least, he earns one lakh thirteen thousand rupees in a month. Apart from this, he also makes good money from sponsorship.

Note: Everyone’s income on YouTube keeps going up and down because it depends on the views and CPM of their content as well And often, the part in dollar currency rupees is up and down, which is natural.

In today’s time, everyone rarely reveals their monthly income on YouTube. However, such websites are available on social media, showing revenue and other details of each channel through which we earn income. I will mention.

God praveen YT family 

This member’s name and information have been told based on social media, which has been disclosed on his official vlog channel.

God praveen YT family 

  • Sandhya – his wife
  • Aaradhya – Cute daughter
  • Tushar – younger brother
  • God Ad – friend

God Praveen YT Home Address

Through this post, we are giving you information about his biography, not his privacy, so neither his mobile number nor his home address will be mentioned in this post. No one should because This is against confidentiality.

I hope you have liked all the information. If you find any information missing in it or want us to improve it further, you can comment through which we will try to improve further.

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