PUBG Mobile Lite 0.26.0 No Recoil Config File Download 2024

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A pubg mobile lite config file is a configuration file that contains settings and options for the pubg mobile lite game. It controls various aspects of the game, such as damage, aims to assist, graphics, layout: quick scope, TPP – FPP Change button, and gameplay settings. The user can edit the configuration file to customize their gameplay experience or be left at its default settings.

PUBG Mobile Lite Player can manually edit the file using a text editor. Players can use the config file for the game to their specific preferences and improve their game. Which includes PUBG Mobile Lite Config files –

  • UserEngine.ini
  • UserGame.ini
  • Active.sav

How To Use Pubg Mobile Lite Config File (2023)

Let’s discuss how we can use the PUBG Mobile Lite High Damage Config File. Then all the steps have been explained below. You have to read carefully. After that, you can use this config file very comfortably because I have done a lot of information that has been given in detail only.

#1 Download the z-archiver application

You must download the z-archiver application, which you will find in the google play store. Download it from there.

#2 Download Config File

You will see a button to download the config file below after this. Then you have to download the config file from here.

#3 Extract Your Zip File

So as soon as you download the config file, you have to open the z-archiver apps. After that, you must go to where you have downloaded and extract that zip file. After that, you will get a file. So you copy that file.

#4 Paste Your File

You copy the Config, and after that where your Pubg mobile lite folder is created. You have to go there and then Android > Data > (

#5 You’re Done!

Your work is done here as soon as you apply this config file. Now you have to play the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Config Types –

  • No Recoil (Zero Recoil)
  • High Damage
  • Magic Bullet
  • Quick Scope and Chat and more

In-game setup after Config in pubg mobile lite?

  1. First, open the PUBG Mobile game on your device.
  2. Go to the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. In the Settings menu, click on the “Graphics” tab. set the graphics to “balanced.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Layout” option and click on it. Set the Layout options button according to our skill.

High Graphics

There are three graphics features in PUBG Mobile Lite, which are smooth, balanced, hd, and HDR. Graphics can also be controlled through a config file. Graphics are up to HD by default, but with the help of Config, you can also be supported up to HDR. PUBG Mobile Lite Quick Scope Config file download.

High Power Gun and High Damage

If you think that the damage of guns can be increased in the game, then it is a misconception. Although the Config does not increase the damage, the size of the am cyst becomes more extensive, which makes the players look like great damage, aim Being the best assist takes more headshots.

No Lag

The lag of the game on mobile phones is possible in many ways because it can be seen from some point if the specification of your mobile is low or your storage is whole, or your device does not have the Recommended system of yet you have liked the game. So you have to check the graphics of the game. You can control the graphics of the game from config and in-game.

Pubg Lite Config File All Features

  • Aimbot
  • High Damage
  • Zero Recoil 100%
  • Magic Bullet
  • Fast Moment (character)
  • 400+ GyroScope
  • Max Headshot
  • No Ban with Full Safe
  • All Device Working
  • New updated Config

Note: Using Config in-game may lead to a ban on your game account We do not recommend installing this Config nor do we encourage you to download which one, but sharing this as aware information Has been made.

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PUBG Lite high damage config file download Mediafire

In PUBG Mobile lite, a creator uploads on media fire like no recoil, and an unknown person unknowingly downloads the file. Instead, it should not be done. You should first check the file on virus total, only then install it in your device like this use only.

Download Config File (below) 👇

You must have seen that many Pubg Mobile Lite players only finish the enemy with a headshot or great damage, then you would think that the player is very pro, but mostly there is nothing like this. Many players use the config file, and then they go. He can hit more and more headshots, and after that, he can become a pro player. You can use Config very comfortably.

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