PUBG Mobile M19 Royale Pass Rewards, Release Date

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A few days ago, the 2.4 updates were released in PUBG, in which the best update features liked by the players have been including the optimized update. With this, PUBG will soon roll out the new Royale Pass m19 PUBG. Its information is complete in this article. shared as

Many players usually prefer to buy the Royale Pass because RP can obtain the best rewards in the Winner Pass for a low price, and many more items are added to the Royale Pass. It is a collection, and Players can achieve Rewards by doing missions.

GamePUBG Mobile and BGMI
Updated Version 2.4 Update
Current Royale PassPUBG M18
Upcoming Royale PassMonth 19 (based on boiling blood)
M19 RP Release Date January 17, 2023

M19 Royale Pass Release Date

On January 17, 2023, on Thursday, the M19 Royale Pass will be released at 7:30 AM IST (UTC+0). The current M18 Royale Pass will end at 5:30 AM IST. Please be aware that this release time is based on Indian Standard Time. If you live in a different country, the release time for the M19 Royale Pass may vary based on your local time.

List of M19 Royale Pass rewards

  • RP 1 – Venerable Assassin Set (Female), Ancient Tech – VSS 
  • RP 5 – Venerable Assassin Mask 
  • RP 10 – Sleek Tech Helmet 
  • RP 15 – Draw Circle Emote (Free), RP Avatar M19, Cold Stare Ornament 
  • RP 20 – Combat Duo Parachute (Free), Venomous Purple Grenade (with eliminate message) 
  • RP 25 – Fishing Pro Set, RP Badge M19 
  • RP 30 – Malevolent Spirit Plane Wrap, Inferno Berserker Emote 
  • RP 35 – Octograffiti – SLR skin (Free), RP Badge M19 
  • RP 40 – Skeletal Massacre – AKM skin 
  • RP 50 – Inferno Berserker Set

How can BGMI gamers get a C4S10 Month 19 Royale Pass?

  • Launch PUBG Mobile V2.4 Latest on your device.
  • Royale Pass section by clicking the RP icon in the top right corner.
  • In the Royale Pass section, select either the Elite (360 UC) or Elite Plus (960 UC) option.
  • Bring the necessary amount of UC by purchasing it from the in-game store or utilizing a legally approved method provided by Krafton.
  • Purchase your preferred Royale Pass and complete the associated missions to receive the rewards included in the M19 RP.

The latest update for PUBG, version 2.4, is now available for Android and iOS users. This update includes a variety of new modes, events, themes, and other features. However, the highly anticipated Cycle 4 Season 10 and Month 19 Royale Pass have yet to be introduced.

PUBG Mobile offers two Royale Pass options: 

The Elite Royale Pass costs 360 UC and allows players to unlock RP missions and earn prizes up to rank 50, as well as receive respect perks 15 times per week. 

The Elite Plus Royale Pass, which costs 960 UC, not only provides all the benefits of the Elite Royale Pass but also instantly advances the player to 12 ranks worth 1200 UC and includes bonus items, a choice emote, and an exclusive respect perk that You can use 30 times per week.

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