Top 10 Amazing Keyword shortcuts: Must know shortcuts in August 2021

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Top 10 Amazing Keyword shortcuts In 2021– So you are also curious to know that today’s keyboard shortcuts will save your time to know new shortcuts and will also speed up your steps, then you will know about 10 different keybord shortcuts.

Top 10 Amazing Keyword shortcuts 2021

Windows Key + E

This is great because when you press the current “Windows Key + E” on the keyboard, then my computer (file manager) will open on your desktop screen, so that you can easily access any file., You will be able to easily enter any drive and you can use these keys to copy or paste any file quickly.

Windows Key + D

When you are using it in a lot of application pc or laptop, then you can suddenly minimize the tabs of all the applications simultaneously with “Windows Key + D” it can be very useful.

The extension of this is that if you press “Windows Key + up arrow” then the window will be maximized and when you press “Windows Key + down arrow” you will be able to minimize the maximized window.

Windows Key + left/Right Key

Whenever the window screen has to be left halfway, then you press “Windows Key + left” and if you want to do right in this way, then press “Windows Key + right” this key will save your time.

Ctrl + Shift + N

Ctrl + Shift + N” Whenever you want to create a new folder quickly, use this key, you will be able to see that a new folder will be created very soon.

window + tab

When multiple windows are open, you want to see what is going on in which window, then press “window + tab” as simple and you will be able to see all the open windows with ease.

window + shift + S

This is a very advanced Feutures key, so that you can take screenshot from “window + shift + S” without the help of any tool, as you want, you will be able to crop it as well.

window + v

This is a great “window + v” shortcut so that you can see the text you copied 3 to 5 hours ago by opening it in the clip board and then you will be able to paste it again.

window + ;

When you chat, you will need emoji often, so you can use “window + ;” You can open the emoji section by pressing


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