PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 45 Release date and time, Free Rewards

By Rahul Kumar

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In PUBG Mobile Lite, the winner pass rolls out every time with new rewards, including outfit set, headgear, weapon skin, helmet skin, backpack, etc. winner pass is the only collection in which more stuff is available than other games like crate, lucky spin etc.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

Earlier Winner Pass had 30 WP Level, but after 0.24.0 update, Winner Pass 44 has increased it from 30 to 50 Wp level, Also you will be given 30 BC Coin (Voucher) + 280 BC return so it is very beneficial deal for every player of pubg lite who buys winner pass.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 50 RP/WP Rewards List

  • ‌BC Voucher (New)
  • ‌Bc Coin
  • ‌2 Outfit Set
  • ‌Exclusive Avtar Frame (New)
  • ‌Parachute Trail (New)
  • ‌Helmet Skin
  • ‌2 Weapon Skin
  • ‌ Headgear and Hat (Cap)
  • ‌ Exclusive Backpack
  • ‌ Paints: Use for Gun Upgrade (New)
  • ‌Vehicle Skin 
  • ‌Patachute Skin
  • ‌ Popularity Item ( Bike, Car etc)

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 45 Release date and exact time

The next winner pass of PUBG Mobile Lite winner pass 45 will be launched on 1 febuary 2023 at 7:30AM, in which you will get posts in PUBG Mobile lite category as soon as the rewards come.

What is the difference between PUBG Mobile Lite 50 Wp and 30 Wp?

This time major changes have been made, instead of 30Wp, 50 wp has been replaced and there are about 40 rewards in 30 wp and 30 are mission level, while 50 Wp includes more than 60 rewards.

What is the price of 50 wp winner pass?

Till now no change has been made in the price, as it was during 30 wp, the price is still the same, elite pass in 280 bc and elite pass in 800 bc.

3 changes were made in the 0.24.0 update of PUBG Mobile lite, including server change, In-game bug fix, game logo change and also include WP Upgrade more.

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