PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.1 Download For Android Devices [New Update]

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At present, 0.24.1 Update (2023) Beta has been launched in Pubg Mobile Lite. It includes many features, which PUBG Mobile lite can download, and the global will be rolled out soon.

Official updates in the game are launched ahead of time. However, the updates in this game are often loose, the reason for the looseness being the ban of the game in many countries. Although some minor updates also provide a better experience for the game, the developer optimizes the game in multiple ways, due to which the style of playing the game changes.

GamePUBG Mobile Lite
Updated Version 0.24.1 (Minor Features)
Upcoming Update0.25.0 V Global ( Release date – 14 March, 2022 on Tuesday
APK File Size680 MB
Official Website

Beta invitation notice has been rolled out in the global PUBG Mobile Lite, and these PUBG Lite features have been added to the beta game. What are the features and complete information of the update? This article to you how to download your beta PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0. Its details are also given below

How To Download PUBG Mobile lite 0.24.1 Update For Android Devices?

Guys want to download the current update directly. 0.24.0 will upload its apk file on Telegram soon. From here, you can download it directly.

  • Beta PUBG Mobile Lite V0.24 | Download (32 Bit – upto Android 8)
  • Beta PUBG Mobile Lite V0.24.0 | Download (64 Bit – Android 10+ )
  • Global PUBG Mobile lite | Download (Soon)

The 0.24.0 update of Pubg Mobile Lite has yet to be rolled out in the global version, although it has been rolled out in beta. If you want to download this beta version, its link is available above.

  • Visit this Official website to download the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite and download the current version of PUBG Mobile from the existing button for apk.
  • Before installing, please remove the old version and then install the latest 0.24.0 version.
  • Enjoy new features.

Global PUBG Mobile Lite update Release Date

The 0.24.0 update of the PUBG Mobile Lite will be release by the developer on 22, December 2022.

Some major changes have been made in this update –

  • Add New Server Change Feature (Asia, south America)
  • Advance optimization and bug fixed
  • New Logo and New Modification with loading screen fixed

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